Top 5 tools you will need for DIY projects around the home

There are few ways to spend our leisure time that are more constructive than home improvement – DIY projects done well will increase the overall price of your home and will notably improve your quality of life.

Everyone knows that a handyman needs his tools or he’s out of work. Tool sets can easily cost hundreds or thousands of dollars – to help you decide what’s necessary and what you can do without, here are 5 tools that are an absolute must-have in your belt.

 5 Tools You Need For DIY Projects

  • Power drill: Let’s be honest: nothing quite says handyman like a power drill. This could very well be considered the cornerstone of your toolkit, and with good reason – the drill offers an amazing value for the money. If you ever owned a home without owning a power drill, you’ll know that these things can seem as important as forks and spoons. Drilling holes, creating space, screwing in and screwing out – these are just some of the tasks that the mighty drill handles impressively. There’s a staggering amount of drills out there, and you might easily find yourself confused when buying one – if you can, try going for a cordless set as it might make your job easier.
  • Circular saw: You thought a power drill was dangerous? The circular saw might be the most menacing tool you can own, but it’s also one of the most important. A lot of what makes circular saws so dangerous is the fact that they’re handheld – without being firmly fixed to a table, the ways through which a saw can injure you are many. Don’t be scared, though – you’ll need one of these if you want to do some serious work around the home.
  • Angle grinder: When you aren’t drilling things or slicing them into pieces, you’ll probably want to grind them down until they assume the shape of your choosing. Here is where an angle grinder comes in handy – you weren’t going to use a file on that piece of metal, were you? Many of the better angle grinders will feature a diamond blade that lets them grind down everything except maybe diamonds themselves without even forcing you to empty your savings account to buy one.
  • Voltage checker: We said that the power drill adds great value for your money, but how about a voltage checker? With $10 or so, you could save yourself thousands of dollars on health costs incurred after getting zapped by some nasty current – provided you survive the encounter, that is. While a voltage checker doesn’t seem like a must-have, it most certainly is – no DIY handyman should get close to an outlet without one of these babies.
  • Pliers and nippers: Right, you probably already know you’ll need a couple of quality pliers to do work around the house. But how about some nippers? This tool is meant to pull nails out of wood and similar materials without damaging their surface – if you’ve left those long bent nails inside for too long for fear of damaging their surroundings(and the interior), it’s time to put them to rest.