Do you need rain gutters for your home

Rain gutters can be a costly affair. Sure enough, installing a complete rain gutter system is expensive and oftentimes prohibitive. But what about the costs incurred from lacking such a system? The weather-related damage your home could incur in the absence of proper rain gutters could far exceed their initial cost.

Does my home really need rain gutters?

It’s safe to say that nobody can consider rain gutters a cachet addition to a home, nor one that isn’t needed. Yet many home owners without a working system of gutters seem reluctant to get one until it’s absolutely necessary. Maybe they’re afraid of raccoons using them to climb the roof while ruining the gutters in the process?

The only scenario in which you should pass on rain gutters is when you’re living in a very, very warm place. Like, really warm – to a point where rain is minimal, snow is nonexistent and all that good stuff.

You could also pass up on them if your home is essentially surrounded by trees, as leaves can combine with dirt, dust and moisture to create a clogging for the ages. Yet, in most cases, this is easily remedied by getting the appropriate gutter screen that will shield your gutter system from unwanted intruders.

The fact that no heavy rainfall has hit your home thus far is irrelevant: it could happen at any moment and you definitely don’t want to be getting caught unprepared. We mentioned that rain gutters pay themselves off as soon as the rain and snow get heavy: if you’re still concerned about your finances, consider getting rain gutters from a cheaper material that fits your balance better.

Keep in mind that cheaper shouldn’t necessarily mean worse when dealing with rain gutters – every good contractor will install even thin aluminum gutters with longevity in mind.

Knowing your contractors

If you’ve made the decision to install rain gutters on your home, feel free to call yourself a smart home owner, but don’t think that the hard part is over yet.

In fact, finding good contractors for any type of work can be extremely difficult depending on where you live. With rain gutters, the difficulty can sometimes go from hard to nightmare mode: there’s an awful lot of low-skilled rain gutter contractors running around looking to make a quick buck.

It’s more than just the poor quality of service to watch out for with subpar contractors – they’re also known for their fondness of scamming their clients into buying services they don’t need, billing so-called ‘shadow services’ and refusing to perform repairs in favor of a much pricier gutter replacement.

The contractor you’re thinking of doing work with should have no problem explaining the work-to-be-done in great detail, including naming the price of every service – they should also have no qualms about repairing existing gutters at your behest. Always make sure to talk to several different contractors before picking one in order to compare what each of them offers and recognize shady business early on.