Best value added home remodeling projects

Home remodeling sounds great in theory: out with the old, in with the new, what could go wrong? Well, a couple of things. For starters, the latest addition to your home might work much better in theory than in practice: home remodeling regrets are particularly unpleasant.

For many, though, there’s an even bigger concern: the possibility of your home remodeling effort not adding much value to your home. You could be perfectly content with living out the rest of your days in the same home, but you could just as easily want to sell it and move on come next year.

To best prepare you for the future while keeping the present in mind, here are some home remodeling projects you can always count on to provide a good value when it’s selling time.

Add value through home remodeling projects

  • Kitchen work: it seems strange for some, but the kitchen is one of the most important factors in virtually every home purchase – how your kitchen looks and works will significantly impact the final price you can get for your home. In fact, you can count on every sensible kitchen-improving effort at least returning your investment in full when you’re selling the home. For best results, opt for a middle ground between a functional kitchen and one that looks great and inviting.
  • Home theater system: Investing in a home theater system – especially with a quality LCD TV and speakers – will always pay later on and will add a surprising amount of value to the home. People love their leisure time, eh? A remodeling effort centered around creating a home theater(presumably in your living room) can include many optional additions, from slick leather sofas and armchairs to improved lighting for the best possible ambient.
  • Bedroom improvement: Like the kitchen and the bathroom, the bedroom is another top concern of every home buyer. Also like the above two, you can generally count on a good return on investment for every bedroom remodeling effort you do – a nicer bed is good, but how about an adjacent bathroom, complete with a shower cabin?

It also pays to keep an eye out for remodeling efforts that aren’t likely to pay themselves off any time soon. As already mentioned, things can seem better or more valuable in theory than they are in practice. Examples of not-so-good home improvement efforts include:

  • The addition of extra rooms, especially novelty ones: Aside from astronomical prices associated with these additions, buyers won’t always appreciate the fact that the house has an added office, study or even something as extravagant as a sunroom. Moreover, these types of additions can get out of hand and increase the price of your home too much for its relative neighborhood, which isn’t always a good spot to find yourself in.
  • Garage features: How much your garage plays in the price of your home depends on whether you have an attic or basement and their state. While improvements to the garage’s size might be welcomed by many home buyers, ‘extra’ perks like a heating and/or air conditioning system might not be valued as much.